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    Friendly and Professional Skills.

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    KING MASSAGE Studios are located in greater Taipei HsinChu and Taichung area. Our masseurs are professional and highly qualified and titled especially in Traditional Thai, Aroma Oil massage, Thai foot massage, Genital massage. We are all certified by the department of healthcare in Thailand!

    Are you traveling in Taipei, HsinChu or Taichung? If you want to relax or get a rubdown after a busy day, just call us! Our experienced and English- Speaking masseurs will bring you an unforgettable massage experience.


    1.專業按摩,無色情服務。NO SEX MASSAGE .NO B2B

    2.為保障顧客權益,皮膚有傳染疑慮者,按摩師不予提供服務。People have contagious skin diseases may not be suitable to this service.

    3.遇有安全疑慮或違法行為,技師將停止服務或請求警方協助。Masseurs will stop the service or report to the police if any behavior which is against the law and harmful.

  • 技師介紹、預約


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    1.↑傑瑞 JERRY -台北 TAIPEI


    LINE : @ibz6369f 或按此

    WeChat: nightbird0254

    入場時間: 10:00-22:00


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    2.↑肯尼 KENNY-台中 Taichung


    LINE : @qej8242a 或按此

    WeChat: twks888

    WhatsApp & TEL(+886) 0968-621041


    English Speaking Therapist!

    Outcall for all travelers within Taichung CBD.


    3.↑傑克-JACK 台北、新竹、嘉義、高雄、花蓮、台中烏日、上海


    LINE : @KLW7007F 或按此





  • 費用 、課程Price & Treatment

    我們價格合理、保證不偷時、無隱藏費用! King Spa's Price is reasonable & NO HIDDEN COST!

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    Have you ever had a quickie? We have quality warranty for your treatment, in 2 hr (or 1.5 hr) massage, you will be made to float on the air by our magic fingers.

    No hidden charges for our prices, and no extra payment will be asked for, it's worth it!


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  • 按摩大王課程介紹

    Treatment Info

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    泰式古法按摩 / Traditional Thai massage

    許多人或店家都以為泰式按摩就是油壓甚至是色情按摩! 這是完全錯誤的觀念,事實上傳統的泰式按摩又稱作瑜珈按摩,是不塗抹油類產品的按摩,沿著身體筋路做傳統泰式按摩,技師常用自己的腿輔助客戶四肢,正統泰式按摩大約可施作1~2小時,過程中常會按壓或伸展顧客身體,這些手法包括,拉手指與腳趾、耳朵、頭部、四肢、關節,也會將顧客身體伸展至不同姿勢,泰式按摩與台灣熱門的撥筋手法不同,但一樣可達到非常好的舒緩效果。另外,泰式按摩無須按摩床,在一般平面睡床或軟墊上即可達到良好效果,非常適合外出服務。

    A Thai massage is usually called "Thai yoga massage". Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions.The massage generally follows designated lines ("sen") in the body. The legs and feet of the giver can be used to position the body or limbs of the recipient. A full Thai massage session may last one to two hours and includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. This may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking knuckles, and moving the recipient's body into many different positions.


    頂級THANN, Bath & Bloom精油按摩 / OIL MASSAGE

    您知道在曼谷THANN SPA做一次90分鐘精油按摩就要價2800元以上嗎? 您知道長榮、大韓、泰航...等頂級航空公司,頭等艙過夜包也是指定使用THANN品牌備品嗎?不必出國花大錢,閣下可以以最划算的價格直接預約按摩大王頂級THANN或Bath& Bloom精油按摩服務,我們奢侈地為您使用THANN以及Bath&Bloom按摩精油,每滴油都是進口原裝極品,可無須沖洗、不油膩,更不添加平價油充量!

    A spa treatment at Thann Spa in Bangkok costs you at least 2800THB for 90minutes! Thann is deliberately selected for the first and business class amenity kits on Eva Air, Korean Air, Thai Airways. Now, you can easily pamper yourself with an enjoyable oil massage with the luxurious Thann oil which is imported from Thailand directly. Each bottle contains 100% superior quality ingredients to nourish and soothe your skin. Pure and non-oily ingredients! You don't even need a shower after the treatment.

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    很抱歉! 我們用頂級按摩油寵壞您了!

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    常去泰國的您,一定對這兩大香氛品牌不陌生吧!我們奢侈地為您選用THANN以及BATH & BLOOM按摩油,每CC成本超過3元,每滴油都貨真價實,每瓶都有原廠購買證明!

    泰國SPA按摩精油THANN與BATH & BLOOM獲獎無數,天然成分滋潤皮膚,與全世界超過500家頂級酒店、SPA館同步採用。

    The best Natural skincare and aromatherapy product , at more than 500 premium hotels and SPA are also offered to moisturise skin.